Bamboo Underwear

For the last 4 years, I've been acting as a one-man marketing agency for the brand Bamboo Underwear.

Building a Brand, One Brief at a Time

As a co-founder and marketing director of BAMBOO Underwear, I developed versatile marketing skills. I energized the brand with strategic planning, effective execution, quality work, and dynamic campaigns.

Go fast and break things.

Our journey was punctuated with momentous victories - celebrity collaborations, getting on the shelves of Canada's retail titan, "La Maison Simons", landing the largest deal in Quebec's Dragon's Den history. The result? A presence in over 80 countries and a whopping $10 million in sales in under four years.

For us, success wasn't an abstract concept. It was defined by numbers - customers won, revenue earned, return on ad spend. But at its core was the brand we nurtured from the ground up, transforming an undergarment into a fashion statement.

"Reflecting on the journey, a simple yet profound mantra guided me: "Go fast and break things." This journey taught me the power of clear goals, focused marketing, and broad targeting. The magic recipe for success? A top-notch product, a compelling story, and an unconventional angle. With BAMBOO Underwear, we didn't just market a brand, we started a revolution."

*let's reflect on the journey