About Me

I’m MARCOUX ✌️ I love to create.

Hey there, I'm Marcoux, your friendly neighborhood polymath! I'm a bit like a creative swiss army knife, always ready with a sprinkling of marketing, a splash of strategy, a dash of art, and an indomitable spirit of "let's do this!"

Whether it's saucing up a burger campaign for Firebarns or weaving marketing magic for BAMBOO Underwear, I'm your go-to guy for all things creative!

Hi, folks! I'm Marcoux, a person who likes to do a little bit of everything! I'm kind of like a magic box filled with tools for creativity, marketing, and problem-solving. Born in Quebec City, I started out young, playing violin, taking photos, and even doing some coding. At 18, I started my own business throwing parties, and that's when I found out how cool marketing can be!

Since then, I've been on quite a few adventures. Remember that amazing new burger sauce from Firebarns? That was my idea! Or maybe you've heard of BAMBOO Underwear? As a co-founder, I used my marketing magic to help it grow.

When I'm not busy helping businesses, I like to work on my own projects. I wrote a book called "THE MARKETING BLUEPRINT" where I share what I've learned about selling things. I also designed a house for Adidas, just for fun and to add to my collection of works.

But the best part of what I do? Making a difference. I want my projects to do more than just make money. I want them to help people and make the world a better place. So if you're looking for someone with a head full of ideas who loves to make things happen, I'm your guy! In my world, we turn everyday things into something special. Let's create together!

Infusing life into ideas, I utilize creativity to conceive unique designs, stirring stories, and remarkable experiences.

Turning ordinary into extraordinary, I mix marketing magic with strategic ingenuity for successful brand breakthroughs.

Driven by curiosity, I embrace innovation to revolutionize concepts and transform the status quo into the spectacular.

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